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Ideas for Foreplay

Foreplay, is an intimate activity between two or more people before sex. Sexual foreplay consists of acts that will increase sexual arousal and stimulate mutual satisfaction. Psychological foreplay raises emotional comfort while it lessens individual inhibitions. Physical foreplay stimulates the erogenous zones and the sexual organs of men, women and couples.

So what are the how’s and to's of foreplay? Foreplay prior to sex may often be confusing to couples because preference plays a major role in what someone considers arousing, sexy, or relaxing. By adding creative foreplay ideas to your sex life, sex can be even more enjoyable. Our articles will help make sex more arousing, sexual, and fun! Click on "Read More" to continue exploring foreplay ideas.


Erogenous zones are hot buttons on the body that can heat up your bedroom! Sensually touching these spots can increase intimacy between lovers as great foreplay. Focus your foreplay on these hotspots and pay close attention to what spots really get you both aroused…

An intimate bath and a sensual massage can be quite magical, sexy and a great foreplay idea. Touch of the partner’s body through a sensuous massage can do magic for a couples intimacy. It may also be a very effective form of foreplay as a preliminary to intercourse. A couples’ intimate bath promotes touching that can be quite arousing. Spending time touching will familiarizing oneself with those parts of a partner’s body that are - normally ignored or sidelined during hurried lovemaking; another great foreplay idea!

Frottage, a creative foreplay idea, is also known, more commonly, as dry humping. The idea is to achieve sexual pleasure through rubbing, with one or more partner, without penetrative sexual intercourse. Frottage may either be used in place of intercourse, or as foreplay, leading up to penetrative sexual acts.

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