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Shower Sex: Having sex in the bath & a sexy massage together

Sex in the Shower: Sharing a shower together with a sexy massage

Sexy Massage: Touch Prerequisite for Affection & Intimacy

Adequate and loving physical contact, both sexual and non-sexual, is a prerequisite for a healthy, fulfilling, and mature relationship. Human bodies require touch for various reasons. Touching is natural therapy. It relieves stress, making us happier. It has been known to aid in a general well being, and keeps us healthy, mentally, emotionally and physically. However, in the frenetic pace of modern life, we tend to forget this essential act of giving and receiving pure affection through touch.


Sex in the Shower: Touching Vital to Achieve Intimacy

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Shower Sex Fun Facts

Bath sex & a sexy massage involves different acts such as kissing, touching, embracing, teasing etc… which can really prolong foreplay.

Did you know?

Extending foreplay can greatly increase the chance of orgasm for both partners. Having sex in the shower together is a great way to extend foreplay, if you can make it back to the bedroom.

Touching, both with and without a sexual undertone, is a vital part of a relationship. One of the best ways for couples to achieve intimacy, and add some extra spice to their lives, is by havingsex in the shower or bathing together. A couples’ bath promotes touching, and can lead to a lot of non-demand touching and caressing. This gives the partners a sense of physical closeness and intimacy, while taking the overt sexual undertones away from touch, leaving them free to explore and caress each other without the need to perform.

Sex in the Shower: Bath Sex Adds a Little Zing

A hot sensual bath with aroma or bath salts can be relaxing and stimulating at the same time. A bath filled with scented salts or essential oils can be the cheapest and easiest sex toy, for a couple looking to add a little zing to their sex lives. The intimate touch of silky smooth water combined with the sight and touch of the partner’s body can do magic for the intimacy within a couple. It allows the couple to take time away from the stress and pressures of a busy life, and to devote a little time to some “quality intimacy”. It can also be a very effective form of foreplay, if it leads to intercourse.

A Sexy Massage to Improve Intimacy!

Sexy Massage: Enhance Physical Closeness through Touching

Combining the sensory inputs of water and aroma, with some form of erotic sexy massage using soap or massage oil, enhances the sensuousness of the experience. The thing to remember is to leave all pressures outside. Although bathing together can, and often will, lead to sex, even if it doesn’t, there is a lot to be gained. It will add an element of fun in the relationship, improve intimacy, make you more familiar and comfortable with each others’ bodies, and will enhance physical closeness through touching.

The idea is to spend time touching and familiarizing oneself with those parts of a partner’s body that are normally ignored or sidelined during hurried lovemaking. For example, one might want to spend extra time on hands and feet. Just the act of soaping and cleaning these, and other “non sexual” parts of the body can be an incredibly “sexy” experience. If due care is taken, over the kind of soap used, for example, using soft soaps for intimacy, or not getting soap too near the genital areas…since this can cause discomfort, the whole experience can be quite magical.

Sexy Massage Insight from a Partners Reactions

Using a gentle sensuous massage action while soaping and rinsing the partner, can be an effective way of including some manual stimulation, as a preliminary to intercourse. Feed back from partners, later, can give one new insights into their reactions to touch and stimulation. In fact, the art of sex in the shower is the cheapest sex toy one can access, since it is available in everyone’s home, and costs next to nothing. All one needs is the time, and the willingness to experiment a little.

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