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Masturbation: Male Masturbation and Female Masturbation and Mutual Masturbation
Masturbation facts and techniques for both sexes on taking matters into one's own hands.


Masturbation stories and editorial
Masturbation stories and Masturbation techniques through personal experiences.

Religion and Masturbation
Masturbation is it a sin? Religion and masturbation find out the truth and opinions on the topic

Masturbation Q & A
A good list of common questions that a general audience may have about masturbation techniques, masturbation frequency

Betty Dodson Online
Masturbation insights on the male masturbation and female masturbation. With masturbation stories, masturbation toys, masturbation techniques to explore the joy of masturbation.

How do I masturbate?"
The exploration of masturbation is an exploration of the self. So how do you masturbate? Not explicit, just descriptive.

Masturbation Quiz
Take this masturbation quiz to see what kind of masturbator are you.

Mutual Masturbation
There are several ways you can add masturbation into your normal love life and below are a few ideas to help you do just that.

Masturbation Experiences
Masturbation experiences that were submitted on a personal level.

Advantages of Masturbation
Sexual Advantages Of Masturbation, Emotional Advantages Of Masturbation, Healthful Advantages Of Masturbation, Relationship Advantages Of Masturbation, Other Advantages Of Masturbation to help you better understand yourself and masturbation.

Interesting Fact about Masturbation
Learn some interesting fact about masturbation that may have never really known

Achieving the Continuous Male Orgasm
Use this masturbation techniques so that you can achieve the continues male orgasm.

Chasing the Elusive Female Orgasm
Every Woman Deserves a Lifetime Filled With Orgasmic Pleasure as all women will find out masturbation is the key!

HOW-TO GUIDE: Masturbation
We were told touching ourselves was dirty and wrong, that if we did it we'd go crazy or grow hair on our palms. If these lies were spread to keep us from pleasuring ourselves, it worked: in the mid-20th century, only 50% of men and far fewer women owned up to masturbating

Everything about masturbation
Everything about masturbation, down to techniques, psychology and history.

Masturbation Health
Information on masturbation health, education, myths, benefits and addiction.

Masturbation History
Read the shocking truth about masturbation in the 19 th century as to how it was portrayed and perceived.

Is Masturbation Normal?
Do you ever question whether masturbating is normal. Well it has been scientifically proven that it is actually healthy for you to masturbate.

All Sex Guide to Masturbation
Masturbation is a wonderful way to receive sexual pleasure or release sexual energy or tension

Masturbation can lead to a healthy prostate
The effects of masturbating more than 3 times a week can actually become a positive thing to do.

Advanced Masturbation techniques
Learn the most common to the most intricate masturbation techniques

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