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Lovemaking Positions >> Standing Up >> Illustrated Sex Positions

Standing Up Sex Positions

This standing lovemaking position can be very intimate as both partners stare into each others eyes

Dirty Dancing

For this standing sex position both partner are standing face to face. Both partners simply stand facing each other, the woman raises one of her legs to give easier access while the man holds and supports it.

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This standing lovemaking position is face to face sex position that is very intimate


For this standing sex position both partners remain standing face to face. The man begins by using the head of his penis to caress the woman's vulva and clitoris. Once the vulva has opened up the penetration is limited but it has great stimulation of the clitoris and the head of the penis.

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Best sex position for deep penetration from this standing sex position


For this position the woman is lying on her back on the bed or on a table. The woman then wraps her legs around her partner. The man can either be lying on her or standing up either way the penetration is deep.

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This intimate lovemaking position requires stamina but the results are deep penetration and clitoral stimulation


For this standing sex position the woman clutches the man, and then firmly wraps her legs around his sides while he holds her by the buttocks for some deep penetration

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A great sexual position for deep penetration and vaginal stimulation


For this sexual position the woman lies on her side at the edge of a bed, a table or a couch, while the man enters from the edge side. This position offers the man a lot of freedom and movement; it takes very little strength, and features the rotated penetration angle pressing against the woman's vaginal walls.

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A different sex position that will add some spice in your sex life


For this sex position the man is on his knees and the woman is lying on her back with her legs raised, one leg is placed on his shoulder and the other is placed on his opposite forearm. The man can support the woman buttocks for deeper penetration or use a few pillows to stimulate the g-spot.

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An amazing sexual position that will ensure variety in the bedroom


For this position is for intense penetration while the woman is penetrated slightly sideways as the man's leg is between the females thighs.

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Sexual positions while standing for a great sexual experience
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The best lovemaking positions for g-spot stimulation
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Standing sex positions that focus on enhancing your sex life
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